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Safe Muzzle Touch-Up For Rifled Slug Barrels

Polished brass pilots turned to uniform concentricity make it easy to cleanup and square-off dinged or re-cut muzzles on 12 and 20 gauge, rifled slug barrels without damaging the lands and grooves. Use with Brownells 1" Diameter, 90°, Muzzle Facing Cutter for best results. Measure bore I.D. between tops of lands to determine closest pilot listed for your barrel. If your barrel’s diameter isn’t listed, select the closest, smaller size. Available in three diameters for 12 and 20 gauge, rifled slug barrels.

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SPECS: Brass. 2" (5.1cm) long. 12 Ga. - Pilots available to fit bore diameters: .718". 20 Ga. - Pilots available to fit bore diameters: .609". 3⁄16" shank fits Brownells Muzzle Facing Cutter.