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Deep-Penetration Technology Removes Rust & Fouling; Leaves Steel Squeaky Clean

This fast-working, user-friendly cleaning gel cuts through copper, carbon, and lead fouling in bores, gently removes rust from bluing, and breaks down grease and oil on contact. Use it to clean all your firearms, from muzzleloaders to high-tech tactical weapons. Squeeze a dab onto a bore brush and run it through the bore for a thoroughly clean bore in minutes. Penetrates deep behind black powder corrosion, plastic wad buildup, and stubborn carbon residue to break down oxide molecules that bond lead and copper fouling to the bore. Removes corrosive salts left by military surplus ammo and black powder. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable with a mild scent.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:324
New Product Supplement, Issue:545, Page:000

SPECS: 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) net contents.


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Size: 4 oz