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Cleaning with UltraSonics requires the correct solution for the correct cleaning application. Lyman has partnered with a renowned chemical research team to develop the right solutions for use with today’s UltraSonic Cleaners. Lymans Turbo Sonic case cleaning solution was formulated to deliver premium results in cleaning cases inside and out. Lymans gun parts solution is the perfect choice for steel and stainless steel parts such as barrels, cylinders or other parts. Available in several sizes to suit your needs.

Specifically formulated for ultrasonic use right out of the bottle, Turbo Sonic Gun Lube displaces moisture and penetrates all the hard to reach areas of any part making it ideal for use after ultrasonic cleaning. Formulated for superior firearms lubrication and protection, the lube leaves a dry protective, lubricating film and can be reused repeatedly.

  • Handy 5 Gallon Container for volume users - ideal for Power Pro users!
  • Pouring spout extends for easy pouring with no mess.

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