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Teflon~ Deep Penetration Frees-Up Parts

Lubricant reinforced with PTFE (same stuff used on non-stick frying pans) displaces moisture, dirt, grit, rust, salt, and other contaminants from friction surfaces and forces them to flow away. A surface cleanses itself (no more buildup) of harmful wear particles. Further, galling is practically impossible with Tri-Flow - a “curse” with many so-called “dry” lubricants. On shop gears, “ways”, spindles, and moving parts, wear life is extended. On gun parts it’s like installing ball-bearings. On frozen parts or where rust is deep, penetration and release can be within minutes or seconds. Temperature limits: –65° F. to +475° F

Aerosols cannot be shipped to Canada or overseas or by air.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:327

SPECS: Available 4 oz. (118.2mL) or 12 oz. (354.7mL) aerosol and gallon container. Ozone safe aerosol.

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