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Revives & Maintains The Natural Beauty, Suppleness Of Leather

This proprietary paste dressing is so extraordinary in its ability to replenish the original oils in neglected leather goods that it’s used exclusively by Ross to restore all belts and holsters returned to their factory for reconditioning. Select waxes and lubricants penetrate deep into the fibers of oil-tanned leathers to restore their natural flexibility and prevent the unsightly oxidation that takes place when leather goods are left unprotected from air and sunlight. Built-in cleaners work to soften and remove stains; conditioners prevent cracking and help blend blemishes caused by wear and moisture. So gentle and safe, this dressing has been used on the finest, leather automotive interiors. Will not darken or leave the leather with a “greasy” feel once absorbed. Specially engineered for gun leather, but provides superior protection for all smooth leather products.

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SPECS: .75 oz. (22mL).
Leather Dressing
778000054Leather Dressing

Mfr Part: MLD


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Size: .75 oz