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Removes Fouling From The M203 & 37mm Variants

Designed specifically to clean and maintain the military issue M203 (40mm) grenade launcher and 37mm variants. Two-piece, aluminum, cleaning rod breaks down into 8" and 14" sections for manageable transport in the field. 5/16"-27 female threads also allow rod to also be used for short barreled, riot shotguns. Includes heavy-duty, looped and wound, phosphor bronze brush loosenes and remove carbon buildup from the launcher tube. Cotton mop applies solvents and rust preventives. Replacement brushes and mops available separately.

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SPECS: Kit includes: (1) 14" (36cm) aluminum rod w/fixed handle, (1) 8" (20cm) aluminum rod extension, (1) 5/16"-27 phosphor bronze brush, and (1) 5/16"-27 cotton mop.
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