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Authentic, Issue Kits For Field Use

Genuine cleaning components make a great take-along kit for range and field use. Kit includes sectional cleaning rod with combo handle, patch loop, bore brush, chamber brush, double-ended parts brush, oiler bottle, and storage pouch. Fits snuggly inside the trap-door compartment on A2 buttstocks.

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:073
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:073
Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:07, Page:057
New Product Supplement, Issue:552, Page:006

SPECS: Rod/Handle - Steel, parkerized. Bore Brush - Bronze. Chamber Brush - Bronze w/stainless steel lug recess bristles. Oil Bottle - Plastic. Parts Brush - Nylon bristles, plastic handle. Fits .223 caliber.

M16 Kit

Mfr Part: M1601


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Style: Rifle