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All The Right Components To Keep Your .50 Cal. Clean & Shooting Accurately

Dewey, extended-length cleaning rod, plus Brownells, top-quality patches, brushes, and mops provide a complete cleaning package for your .50 cal., centerfire rifle. Easy-to-carry, 2-piece rod includes a nylon-coated, 43" long section that protects the rifling while passing through the bore. Anti-flex, 19" long, stainless steel rod’s thread accepts the coated portion for plenty of length to reach through oversize actions. Ball bearing handle allows rod to rotate freely. Comes complete with Dewey 50J jag, 8-32 loop, and 12-28 to 8-32 tpi female adapter. Also includes 100, Brownells, 3"-square, Heavy-Duty Patches; three solvent-resistant, .50 cal. Nylon Bore Brushes; hard-scrubbing; three Special Line, bronze bore brushes and three of our super-absorbent, Cotton Bore Mops.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:328
SPECS: Kit includes: 2-piece, stainless/coated cleaning rod, 62" (157.5cm) long; #50J brass jag; brass loop; 8-32 female adapter; (100) 3", #5 patches; 3-pak, nylon bore brushes; 3-pak, bronze bore brushes; 3-pak, cotton bore mops.
.50 Caliber Cleaning Kit
084000117.50 Caliber Cleaning Kit


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