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Superior Removal Of Stubborn Lead & Plastic Wad Buildup, Won't Scratch The Finest Shotgun Bores

The time savings alone is reason enough for the avid shotgun shooter not to be without this safe and remarkably effective bore cleaning attachment. So fast and easy-to-use, you’ll never clean another shotgun barrel without it. Remove the powder fouling with your favorite solvent and dry the bore, then attach the B-29 bore cleaner to literally strip out the really tough stuff. Two, internal spring steel strips give the mesh-coated cleaning reeds approximately 12 lbs. of surface pressure against the bore interior to easily strip out lead and plastic wad residue from even the most neglected barrels. Solid brass construction of the body and end caps prevents scratching the delicate bore surface. Eliminates hours of scrubbing with caustic chemicals and minimizes the number of cleaning rod passes for less chance of bore damage. B-29 works much better than standard brushes, because the brass mesh burnishes the bore which closes the pores of the metal for a very smooth surface that actually reduces wad, lead, and powder buildup. 20-gauge diameter available. Recommended for use with smoothbore barrels only.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:321

SPECS: Solid brass with internal spring steel. 5⁄16"-27 tpi male thread. 4” (10.2cm) OAL.

20 Ga. Bore Cleaner
10000398320 Ga. Bore Cleaner


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Caliber: 20 Gauge

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Style: Shotgun