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Compact, Powerful, Adaptable, Durable - And Affordable! - Flashlights

When we decided to design our own flashlight, we started with a list of “mission critical” features. We wanted a compact light that fits comfortably in the hand, yet is super-bright, with an ultra-reliable, shockproof, LED “emitter,” rather than a traditional light bulb with a filament that’s easily broken on impact or under recoil when mounted on a gun. We wanted a rugged, machined aluminum body that’s 1" wide, so it will fit a lot of popular gun mounts, and O-ring sealed to make it waterproof. The light had to run on two readily available CR-123A lithium batteries because so many law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters already have devices that use those. And we wanted to offer these lights at a really affordable price that says, "Hey, why not buy two?!"   We think we’ve achieved all those goals (and then some!) with the Brownells Versatile Light.


The BVL160 offers an impressive 160 lumens maximum output. Hit the sealed rubber tailcap switch repeatedly to cycle through its four output modes: momentary on, constant-on high beam, constant-on low beam, and slow strobe. The BVL280 provides an incredible 280 lumens of light in momentary or constant-on mode. Both models have a sophisticated electronic power management system that delivers maximum output for up to 2 hours, then backs down the output to give you up to 24 hours of usable light from one set of batteries. It even reduces the power if it senses the light is overheating - amazing!


Both lights come with three color filters (red, green, and blue) to make the BVL highly adaptable to different illuminating tasks, plus rubber rings that you can slide over the body to serve as finger stops when employing the popular “syringe” grip technique. The free-spinning lanyard loop rotates a full 360° so the lanyard (also included) won’t get tangled.

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SPECS: Machined aluminum body and bezel, Type II anodized, matte black. 53⁄8" (13.6cm) OAL, 13⁄8" (3.5cm) maximum O.D. at bezel, 1" (2.5cm) O.D. body. 6 oz. (169g) wt., including batteries. XR-E Cree LED emitter. Up to 2 hours runtime at maximum output. BVL-160 – 160 lumens max. output; four-mode switch; BVL-280 – 280 lumens max output; two-mode switch. Comes with two CR-123A lithium batteries, lanyard & lanyard ring, red/blue/green lens filters, (4) rubber rings, and instruction booklet.

Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.