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The Foundation of the AK Platform

  • Before you fire your first shot from your new AK  you need to watch this DVD
  • In this DVD, Gabe Suarez, world renowned authority  on the Kalashnikov, will show you all the fundamentals you need to know to use your Kalashnikov pattern rifle
  • Whether you are new to the AK platform, or an experienced hand with the rifle, this DVD will give you a better understanding of your rifle  
  • If you are a beginner, this DVD will prepare you for attendance at one of our action packed Kalashnikov training courses
  • This DVD will show you the basic operation of the AK system, selection of simple accessories that you will need in order facilitate the learning  process, selecting the best magazines, how to carry  your essential support gear, and the often ignored  fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, which are all  presented in an easy to follow manner