Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

5-disc set, DVD or Blu-ray format. 9 hr 53 min. Precision shooting expert Todd Hodnett and Magpul Dynamics instructors Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Steve Fisher, Mike Olivella, and Caylen Wojcik take you from the basics of precision rifle selection and long-range shooting fundamentals to advanced subjects such as wind and ranging formulas, exterior ballistics, and proper mindset. Includes the “one-mile shot” as the instructors apply their concepts to push a .308 precision rifle out to 1,760 yards. Covers many other subjects including deployment considerations for both bolt-action and semi-auto precision rifles, broken scope field zero technique, USMC Scout/Sniper training, rapid bolt manipulation, and unconventional shooting positions.

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