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Preparing yourself mentally for the fight is critical. Your success against an aggressor will depend on not just your skill-set but also your mindset. In this video Paul Howe reviews important topics like motivation to survive, fear and negative thoughts, mental programming, how to handle stress, tactical confidence, medical self-aid, and more.

Paul is a high-risk training instructor that served 20 years in the US Army, ten of those in Special Operations. He served as a Tactical Team Leader and Senior Instructor while assigned to Army Special Operations. During his tour in special operations he was involved in several combat actions. One of the most notable was the battle of Mogadishu that was later portrayed in the motion picture Black Hawk Down.

If you train to defend yourself and defend others, you need to make this video part of your tool kit.

Warning: This video contains graphic content, which some viewers may find disturbing. If you have a weak stomach this is not the video for you.

PANTEAO PRODUCTIONS - Make Ready with Paul Howe: Combat Mindset DVD

Make Ready with Paul Howe: Combat Mindset
100013001Make Ready with Paul Howe: Combat Mindset

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Make Ready with Paul Howe: Combat Mindset DVD