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Make Ready With Pat Rogers: Basic Carbine

This video is a great way to start building upon your skill set in using a carbine or brushing up on your fundamentals. Pat Rogers, founder of EAG Tactical and retired Marine and Sgt in NYPD, takes you through all the steps needed towards building a solid foundation. In a one-on-one setting, Pat reviews with you the various accessories and gear available for the carbine platform. He covers weapon manipulation, trigger reset & dry firing, zero procedure, target engagement drills, shooting from intermediate and prone positions, turns, multiple target engagement, shooting on the move, and more. If you are serious about carbine use, this is a must have video. Run Time is 2hrs and 32 minutes.

Make Ready With Pat Rogers: Carbine II

As a follow-up to the Basic Carbine Video Carbine 2 is your next step in building your skillset with a carbine.  Pat Rogers, founder of EAG Tactical and Marine and Sgt in NYPD, gives you a one-on-one session on advanced carbine techniques. Pat takes you through transitions, speed reloads, shooting on the move, multiple targets, dynamic turns, near contact engagement, white light and lasers, asymmetrical prone, situational awareness, and more.


  • Pro-Tips from Pat Rogers
  • 7” X 14” Mini-Poster




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