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NVG / IR Skill Builder is your first step in learning about night vision equipment, the proper application of the equipment, as well as IR and visible laser use. John Chapman (Chappy) is the founder and Director of Training of LMS Defense, an international full service training, consulting, business leadership, and weapons system testing firm. Chappy is a retired police Lieutenant and a currently serving reserve SWAT officer. He is also an industry recognized leader in the application of night vision and IR laser technology to the law enforcement and armed citizen missions. In this video Chappy reviews mission identification and needs assessment, selecting the right night vision and support gear, NVG pre-mission setup, laser mounting and zero, movement and weapon manipulation under NVG, static and multiple target engagements, IR to white light transitions, and more. Whether you already run NVG or are contemplating transitioning to it, this video will give you a solid foundation to build upon.

PANTEAO PRODUCTIONS - Make Ready with Chappy: NVG / IR Skill Builder DVD

Make Ready with Chappy: NVG / IR Skill Builder
100013007Make Ready with Chappy: NVG / IR Skill Builder

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Make Ready with Chappy: NVG / IR Skill Builder DVD