Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

John Chapman (Chappy) is the founder and Director of Training of LMS Defense, an international full service training, consulting, business leadership, and weapons system testing firm. Chappy is a retired police Lieutenant and a currently serving reserve SWAT officer. Chappy has been a firearms and tactics instructor since 1994, and has trained thousands of citizens, law enforcement officers and teams, US Military units, and international police and military clients.

In this video Chappy reviews the fundamentals of shooting in a close quarter environment. He talks about the difference between mindset on the street versus the range, the proper selection of weapons, lighting, lasers and other support equipment, CQB weapon manipulation and transitions, target engagements, multi directional threats, and more. If you haven’t taken a class from Chappy, here is your chance for some one-on-one training from him.

PANTEAO PRODUCTIONS - Make Ready with Chappy: CQB Shooting Fundamentals DVD