Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

We take you to the Rogers Shooting School in Ellijay, GA for a one-on-one private training session with Bill Rogers. Bill is a former FBI Agent and inventor of the first Kydex Holster in 1972. He started the Rogers Holster Company in 1973, purchased by Safariland in 1985. To this day he continues to develop cutting edge technologies for the shooting industry. Bill developed a training program and a high speed moving target system. The program replicates the minimal amount of time a shooter will have to successfully neutralize an adversary. Reactive Carbine takes you through carbine setup, proper stance and grip, engaging multiple targets, moving, transitioning to a pistol, how to zero your carbine, shooting steel and alternative targets, shooting from different positions, and much more.


  • In-Brief By Bill Rogers covering his training program
  • 7” X 14” Mini Poster

PANTEAO PRODUCTIONS - Make Ready With Bill Rogers: Reactive Carbine Shooting


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