Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


  • Approximately 120 minutes
  • Gabriel Suarez, bestselling author, and maverick combat shooting instructor has embraced the Kalashnikov rifle system for its utility, accuracy and ruggedness
  • Suarez teaches you the "caveman simple" skills you need to operate the AK rifle platform and win in a combat environment
  • Suarez explains why the AK rifle is one of the best weapon choices for urban and close quarters combat
  • He will also teach you about the AK fire control system, proper use of the sling, zeroing the AK  and ready/carry positions
  • You will also learn about ambidextrous use of the rifle, snap shooting, CQB shooting and the use  of the rifle in movement


  • Approximately 68 minutes
  • After the material presented in the first DVD, we add advanced displacement methods, enhanced gun handling to help you run the AK faster and better                                                      
  • This video shows the incorporation, full speed, of the Pekiti take off with a rifle, full speed shoulder transfers, full speed transitions on the  run, and a section of the ballistics of the popular AK rifle rounds 
  • This one will move your AK combat skills to a whole new level