Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


  • Approximately 180 minutes in this video the best-selling author and world-renowned combat shooting instructor Gabriel Suarez teaches the combat-proven skills you need to win an actual gunfight against a committed assailant
  • Suarez focuses on the importance of shooting on the move
  • How to perform a malfunction clearance in the thick of combat
  • Proper use of cover and why proficiency in one-handed shooting skills is vital
  • Suarez demonstrates force-on-force scenarios that seamlessly integrate empty-hand striking and extreme close-quarters shooting 


  • Approximately 68 minutes
  • In this DVD Gabe Suarez shows you the rest of the material
  • Very fast-paced and full of full-speed concealed carry shooting action
  • This DVD will have you doing things most people think are impossible
  • Gabe shows the benefits of appendix carry, ambidextrous gunfighting, weapon transfers and why it is important you know how to do them
  • Enhanced get off the x footwork, and an important discussion on the elements of the combative technique of the pistol
  • This DVD will move the art of gunfighting another giant leap forward