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The Gun Digest Book of Classic American Combat Rifles presents a unique compilation of articles on the greatest American combat rifles developed since 1776, and as they originally appeared in Gun Digest.

Since the first edition of Gun Digest in 1944, combat rifles have been a major part of our magazine and book family, with articles on the romance, design, performance, historical, and technical significance-and even the shortcomings- of many rifles used by American troops in battle.

Most shooters recognize names like Springfield, Colt, ArmaLite, Sharps, and Spencer. Those rifles made it to the top and stayed there, while many other rifle designs were tested and adopted by the U.S. military only to slide into historical oblivion. Yet all are part of the history of the American combat rifle.

This volume gathers the best of these articles, written by the most respected writers working in the field during the second half of the 20th century: Col. Townsend Whelen on the Springfield rifle, Charles T. Haven on the rifles of World War II, John Lachuk on the M-14, Christopher R. Bartocci on the AR-15/M16.

For the collector, for the shooter, for the fan of the combat rifles, the Gun Digest Book of Classic American Combat Rifles is a must-have resource.

GUN DIGEST - Gun Digest Presents Classic American Combat Rifles Book