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The New Book in Town

by: Larry Weeks

The very newest publication from F. Brownell & Son Publishing is LeeRoy Wisner’s Handbook of Hard-To-Find Gun Parts Drawings. This marvelous new book contains over 2,901 dimensioned drawings covering 147 guns from 36 different manufactures. Plus, there’s chapters on how to go about making a part, including steel selection, heat treating techniques and a step-by-step guide to real parts fabrication.

LeeRoy started this book many years ago by simply making a dimensioned drawing of parts that he had to fabricate in his shop in order to repair a customer’s gun. His collection of drawings steadily grew until he had enough to fill and entire volume. For many of the hard to find gun parts included there are simply no drawings available anywhere from which to make a replacement part. LeeRoy should be thanked for his dedication to the gunsmithing profession.

F. Brownell & Son has taken LeeRoy’s original drawings, digitally enhanced them for increased clarity, and reproduced them in an easy-to-use ring binder format. That way, future updates can be included into your copy without losing the continuity of the original book.

The entire project was designed with the working gunsmith in mind. The Deluxe Edition is 488 pages and it is contained in a beautiful, solid vinyl, three D-ring binder that will stand up for years and years of tough use. The Page-Pak Edition includes just the 488 printed pages since we know that many of you have your own three ring binders the pages can be placed into.

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