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Bob Brownell's first catalog, called "The Gunsmith's Mart," came out in 1947 - only eight years after he had started his fledgling mail order firm. Since then our annual Master Catalog has grown to be universally known to gunsmiths and shooters simply as "The Big Book" of gunsmithing supplies, gun parts, firearm accessories, and more recently, ammunition. Walk into any gunsmithing shop anywhere in the country, and you'll most likely see a well-thumbed copy of our Big Book right next to the bench.

For many years, the Big Book was our only catalog. Then, the rapidly growing interest in the AR-15 rifle and the 1911 pistol in the 1990s and early 2000s led us to launch two specialty catalogs specifically devoted to those two firearms. These books now come out annually and are devoted to "all things" AR-15 and 1911. If it replaces a factory part, accessorizes, helps you install or adjust a component on the gun or helps you shoot your AR or "Forty Five" better, it's in those books.

When Brownells acquired Sinclair International in 2007, Sinclair's big, glossy catalog of high-quality reloading supplies and gear for precision target shooters joined the fold. This book has everything the long-range rifleman needs to make those groups tighter and improve scores. It comes out twice a year - Spring and Fall - along with two smaller "sales and specials" books in Mid-Summer and one in time for Christmas.

In addition to traditional print format - who doesn't like finding a crisp, new, full-color catalog in the mail box? Here is our full selection of catalogs and PDFs for instant viewing.

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