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Ordering Online Questions

What is the cutoff time for rush orders placed on the web?

Orders must be submitted by 1 pm, CST, in order to be shipped that day.

Will I receive a current catalog with my first web order?

If you wish to receive one of our current Brownell catalogs, please enter stock number 077-100-000 in the Search Products field; or click the Request a Catalog link at the bottom of the page. Then add the item to your shopping cart.

I already know the stock numbers of everything I want to order. Is there a quick way to enter them in?

Yes, use the Direct Stock Entry link at the bottom of the homepage and it will take you right to a page with a place to directly enter the stock numbers you wish to order.

How do I know if I am ordering a product that is restricted because of hazardous materials or other restrictions?

If an item is restricted, there will be a restrictions note in the sku details. Click on one to find out what restrictions apply.

I've already placed my order on the web but need to change something or add another item, may I do that?

Our orders are processed the same day so sometimes you won't be able to, but if you add on to your order before it's processed you can. To check, visit your Order History Page to see your current order status. If the order status says Is Being Prepared For Picking , Is Being Picked, or Is Being Prepared for Shipping you still can add to it or make changes. Just enter your Web Order ID in the field in the upper right corner of your screen. You will be allowed to make changes at that time to your order.

I just submitted my web order and I have not received an email confirmation yet.

Emails are generated after all web orders have been downloaded and processed. You should receive an order confirmation email when the order is placed, an order processed email when all orders are processed and then a third email at the time the order has shipped.

How do I use a coupon on the web?

Look on the coupon, and you'll find an authorization code. You will enter it on the third step of the Checkout process (the Promotions & Payment Page).