Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Carbon Spined BreakAway arrow is great for alligators and huge fish that tend to snap shafts or break loose. Special collar system allows you to tie a section of line to a small ring on the shaft, and knot the end of the line directly to the point. When the target is hit, tug on the line and the shaft pulls free from the point, hanging from the ring while the point stays embedded in the flesh. The 5/16" shaft is made with five heavy strands of black carbon embedded in the solid yellow fiberglass core, creating a straighter, stiffer arrow for an extra stable shot. Stainless steel Chaos Big Game Point has a lightweight design and formed barbs to ensure excellent arrow flight and hold; heat-treated Cyclone™ tip is spiraled for superior penetration and strength.