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Marlin Magazine Tubes

By Dean Batchelder

It seems that one of the most common magazine tube problems that come across our desks in the Tech Department are those pesky Marlin/Glenfield Model 60 inner magazine tubes. These magazines seem to bend, break, or just plain disappear overnight and because Marlin made them in five different styles, sometimes it’s a little difficult to determine which one to get as a replacement.

That will be the goal of this article, to help you figure out if Marlin still makes the magazine you need for your rifle. The illustration below shows three things to check for to determine which magazine tube you’ll need. To get measurement “A”, measure the length of the magazine tube from the face of the receiver to the end of the magazine tube. Measurement “B” is found by measuring from the front of the Magazine tube to the bottom of the L-shaped locking slot. "C" you need to see if you have one or two locking slots, which would determine the number of pins on the magazine tube.

NOTE (added 1-31-13): Unfortunately, in the past six months or so, Marlin has stopped making all of their magazine tubes except for the one indicated below. If you have a longer tube than that one, there is nothing available. If your rifle has a shorter one, you may be able to cut it down and get it to work, but that is not guaranteed.

In the table below you'll find the only Marlin magazine available listed along with the measurements of “A” and “B”, and the number of locking pins on the magazine will be indicated under “C”, along with the Brownells stock number for that particular magazine.

Marlin Model
Brownells Stock Number
60, 60SP, 60SC,
60W, 75C, 990L
17 13/32”


This is the only magazine tube available for the Marlin .22LR rifles and I hope this will help you when you are ready to replace your Marlin magazine tube. If you need a different length, then it is not available from Marlin.