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Dear Folks –


With this new Catalog #67 – our “Big Book” – we’ve got some big changes going. We truly think you’re going to especially like the new product lines. We’re really pleased to send it – hope you can take some time to thumb thru. Here are some highlights to quick-jump you into the new stuff . . .


Archery and Emergency & Survival Gear. Stuff we’ve not carried before. Archery was a total no-brainer. Many, many of our gang are bow hunters, and we’ve heard from lots of you who are also. Folks told us they wished they could get archery products from a place with Brownells-style selection and customer care. Only one place to get that – at Brownells! – so we just had to jump in!


Emergencies – natural or man-made – hit unexpectedly, and most of us are not prepared for them. In Iowa we “host” tornados, flashfloods, huge snow/ice storms. Your area has its own local natural events and emergencies. Take preparation for these events  eriously, and lay in the survival products to protect your loved ones.


Reloading, big expansion begins on page 510. Lots more Optics, begins on page 267.


Super Great News: last year’s ammo and parts shortages are “almost” history. Some calibers are still tight, especially .22 rimfire, which may not improve until early 2015. Lots of ammo is back in stock – a partial listing begins on page 528. Really keep current with the in-stock position on ammo by checking our website regularly for availability. Also subscribe to our free monthly e-mail WebBench newsletter and check our Facebook page frequently.


A “Biggie” for us in 2014: we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary. My dad, Bob (Pete’s granddad) founded the company in 1939, and we’ve put a History Time Line on pages 348-349 and on the web at Seventy-five years is a huge milestone in any business, and we’re celebrating with festivities, special offers, giveaways and hoopla! With so much going on, nowadays the best way to keep up is to check our social media often and sign up for our e-mails at


A lot has changed in the 75 years since Bob Brownell got so involved in guns and gunsmithing he started a company. It’s really nice to know, though, some things at Brownells will not change: our flat-rate shipping, same-day shipping, no minimum orders, free phone and e-mail support from our Gun Techs, and our Forever Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with any product you purchase from us at any time, just return it for a full refund or exchange, your choice. It’s that simple. That’s the way we’ve been doing business since 1939, and the way we’ll keep on doing it!!


Very Best, Frank & Pete


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